Course Curriculum

The Course Instructor is Adam Newbloom (M.B.A.), Founder of the Enhanced Driving Institute and Former Deputy Sheriff. This course covers all aspects needed to become a safer and more confident Winter Driver in an easy-to-understand course. Learn from the best and become your best!

    1. The Winter Driver - PDF Outline

    2. The Winter Driver Introduction

    3. The Driver - What Should You Know?

    4. The Passive vs Active Driver

    5. Your Winter Survival Kit

    6. Winter Survival Kit (PDF Print)

    7. Winter Driving - Quiz Questions

    8. Preparing for the Worst Case Senerio

    9. The First Step - Clear Your Car.

    10. Your TIres - What They Do.

    11. Minimize Weight Transfer

    12. Are Winter Tires Worth the Investment?

    13. Does Vehical Technology Help or Hurt Us in the Snow?

    14. My Vehicle Technology (PDF Print)

    15. The Winter Driver Quiz 2

    16. Acclimate to Conditions

    17. The Slick Roads are not our biggest concern.

    18. Overly Confident & Overly Cautious

    19. SIPDE Document

    20. Black Ice - What is this?

    21. I am Stuck - Now what?

    22. Stopping - The Challenge of Slick Roads

    23. Curves in the Road

    24. Loss of Control - Fear Sets In

    25. Optional AMG Road Course Tips for Controlling

    26. Exercise 1 : Understeer Circle

    27. Exercise 2 : Oversteer Loss of Control

    28. Exercise 3: Correction and Control

    29. Exercise 4: Target Lane

    30. The Winter Driver Conclusion

    31. Winter Driver Preview

    32. Winter Preparation Tips (PDF Print)

About this course

  • $35.00
  • 2 hour lesson
  • * Insurance Discount for Course
  • Certificate of Completion Issued

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